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“My Druthers”

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I’m doing “Sing Along with Art” by arrangement! This summer I have done very little entertaining, I’ve been working on a new book. . . As this is a political year, my emphasis is on the book, I hope my concept will be well received.  Of course I realize much of it will depend on how good the product is.  I have had some great help, the cover is done, but that’s the only part completed, as of today I am in the middle of chapter 4 (9/9/16). The title is: “Political Cocaine” the subtitle is: “How America got hooked on the Two Party System”

Now, Read my first book for free!

Just Google, (Art Rude, My Druthers, free) it should come right up! (Should is the key word here) if you find it, the price is right!!


Coming soon . . . well, coming, is the new book I am working on:

”Political Cocaine” How America got hooked on the two party system.

I’m also working on a new recording, “Family Values?” which I hope will set a new direction in my recordings, in line with “Sing along with Art”